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The Couture Wedding Dresses That'll Make You Weep with joy

Choosing who youod like to stand next to you on your wedding day can be stressful. You're not the only one asking yourself: "Do I have to include family ?"; "I was in her wedding party, so does she have to be in mine?"; and "Do I even need a wedding party?" (the answer to the last one is no, by the way).

But selecting your bridesmaids doesnot have to be hard, and frankly, it shouldnot be. So here are a few tips to help simplify your decision-making with some celebrity proof. Donot forget, your wedding day is about you and your spouse-to-beos love. So there are no wrong choices here, as long as you and yours are both happy.

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1. Keep It Small

Sometimes less is more. If youore having a hard time picking and choosing, consider forgoing the wedding party (in the vein of Gisele and Tom Brady) or just inviting family. You can still have your wider crew attend festivities like showers, bachelor, and bachelorette parties.

2. Mix It Up

Women can be groomsmen and men can be bridesmaids. A woman could be the best man and a man can be the maid of honor. And of course, you can mix up the fashion, so every person looks their best. Traditions can be broken, so donot be afraid to do what feels most natural to you and your partner.

3. Consider personalities

When youore thinking about who to invite, ask yourself, pWill we all get along?q Can veterans of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette play nice with everyone? It seems silly, but your bridal party will be spending a whole lot of time together and all of those times should feel as celebratory as possible. So avoid any potential drama that could detract from that spirit.

4. Intimacy Trumps Etiquette

No, you donot need to ask someone to be your bridesmaid or groomsman if you were theirs. And donot let anyone tell you anything otherwise. Your wedding party should include the people you feel absolutely closest to from all walks of lifejAshley Tisdale went with people from work (hey, Vanessa) and her childhood. Bottom line: If you donot feel close to a person, problem solved.

5. Make It a Family Affair

You probably didnot forget to include your siblings in your bridal party. Solangeos wedding without Bey? Yeah, thatod never happen. But did you include your spouse-to-beos siblings, too? Yeah, sometimes this simple gesture falls through the cracks.

7. Look for Reliability

Your MoH should help you de-stress, and if sheos not up for the job, you could end up taking on more than you need to. So when it comes to naming yours, look to the boss lady in your life, like Taylor Swiftos BFF did, or consider two Maids of Honor who can tag-team the responsibilities.